Shifter Installation

Step 1:

First remove the factory shift knob by unscrewing counterclockwise from the stock shifter handle. It may be difficult at first but it does come off easy once it's loose.


Step 2:

Now pop off the plastic shifter cover. The best way is to put your thumbs on the inside area and lift it up with your thumbs on both sides. Be careful not to break the plastic snap on the very front of it. The leather shifter boot will come out with this assembly.


Step 3:

Disconnect the cigarette lighter power cable clip under the shifter console. There is a rubber grommet that needs to be slipped off the old shifter handle. Install the grommet on the new short shifter. (Most of the time the rubber grommet stays in the shifter boot and it is not necessary to remove it).


Step 4:

Next, remove the two bolts that hold the stock shifter handle.


Step 5:

Now install the new shifter handle with the supplied bolts and lock washers. Make sure to use a lock washer on each bolt. Apply a generous amount of Blue Locktite (medium strength #24200) on to the threads. Failure to do this may cause the shifter to vibrate loose. **Blue locktite can be purchased at any autoparts or hardware store**


Step 6:

After you have the shifter bolts tightened, you are ready to put the shifter boot assembly back on. Be sure to reconnect your cigarette lighter or any other wires that you disconnected. (87-93 there are no wires to reconnect).


Step 7:

Then just push down on the shifter cover and it will snap into place.


Step 8:

Install the factory shift knob or Kona Racing billet aluminum knob back on and you're all done. Make sure to give the Locktite sufficient time to dry.


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